Very recently the Saxe-Weimar award rolls for World War One were examined and evaluated. As a result of this meritorious research I like to present those numbers in conjunction with a few images of the actual decorations. 

From 1914-1919 the following numbers with Swords were awarded, according to the Rolls: 

Class within Order with Swords Number of pieces awarded
Grand Cross  28
Commander 1st Class 19
Commander 2nd class 65
Knight 1st Class 141
Knight 2nd Class ~1000
Golden Merit Cross 168
Silver Merit Cross 62
General Medal in Gold 464
General Medal in Silver 3888
Wilhelm Ernst War Cross 366


Grand Cross Star with Swords in Silver gilt


Commander Set 1st Class in gold


Knight 1st class with swords in gold



Knight 2nd Class with Swords on WWI medal bar


Wilhelm Ernst War Cross and unidentified Recipient



Special thanks go to Rick L. and Daniel K. for hours of deciphering old German script. 

© A. Schulze Ising, I/07