The valuation of your item is critical not only in establishing a respected collection, but also in the more obvious reason of spending your money wisely and effectively as you build that collection. Using a professional appraiser is of the utmost importance, and accreditation and certification can assist in finding you the right person. 

You should expect to receive a comprehensive report after the appraiser does research and analysis based on the industry information as well as what they can provide from their experience and knowledge of the market to make a sound judgment. 

Andreas and Bernd have experience of over 25 years in the German orders and medal market as collectors, authors, advisers and mentors.

You can find a list of his certifications and credentials here.

The process of authenticating and appraising your collection is done by following these steps:

  1. Reference our Database of Medals. Make note of any information that you may find including the number of awards, material, etc. The numbers shown here are similar to the catalog ‘Deutschland Katalog Orden & Ehrenzeichen 1800-45’ by Jörg Nimmergut. Double numbers are a result of different materials that the orders or medals are made from. While the listing isn't perfect, it does give you some guidance. You may also take a look at the Library on Imperial German Orders, medals and decorations.
  2. Email to confirm details of your medal. You may include any images that you have.
  3. Mail the medal to Andreas M. Schulze Ising, P.O. Box 165, Sewickley, PA 15143 USA.
  4. Email shipment details to

We charge a simple flat fee of US $ 350.- per artifact above an estimated value of US $ 10,000.-. For items valued between US $ 3,500.- and 10,000.- the fee is US $ 200.- and below US $ 3,500.-, US $ 150.-.

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