Established January 21, 1928 as an award to exceptional Cuban and foreign physicians and public health officers. Named in honor of Doctor Carlos J. Findlay who was born in Cuba in 1833 and died there in 1915. He spent his entire medical career combating yellow fewer. The order comes in fives classes.



The badge is a fifteen pointed gold star. The Rays are alternately gold and yellow enamel, each point is gold ball tipped. Between the rays appear a green and gold laurel wreath. Center medallion is silver and portrays a gold bust of Doctor Findlay surrounded by a gold rimmed blue band inscribed in gold letters "Orden CARLOS J. FINDLAY 1928". On the reverse appears the Coat of Arms of Cuba in natural colors surrounded by the inscription: "POR LA SALUD Y LA BENEFICENCIA PUBLICA" (For health and welfare). The star is similar to the badge, but single sided. The color of the ribbon is golden yellow.



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